Welcome to Oak Hill UMC Preschool!

At Oak Hill United Methodist Preschool our philosophy is to provide a loving, happy and rewarding preschool for your child. It is our goal to provide developmentally appropriate activities to enhance each child’s physical, mental, social, emotional and moral growth.

The Oak Hill UMC Preschool provides a Christian environment of belonging, emphasizing self-worth. We provide opportunities for developing self-expression, communication, problem solving and participation in group experiences.

All activities are designed to help your child develop self-confidence through creating, manipulating and exploring.

Oak Hill UMC Preschool is a program for the whole child. Our responsibility is to provide: A well-organized program to meet the physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs of the children, a loving Christian atmosphere, loving encouragement and guidance of children toward independence, responsibility and social consciousness and a positive approach to learning.


  • Develop Gross Motor Skills – opportunities to develop their bodies and coordination
  • Develop Fine Motor Skills – small muscle, hand-eye coordination
  • Develop Language Arts – learn vocabulary and the rhythm of speech
  • Develop Social Concepts – learning to share and understanding rules and limits
  • Develop Creative Expression – discovery, experimentation, creating something unique
  • Develop Science and Nature – learning and understanding about their world
  • Develop Moral Growth – attending weekly chapel (bible stories, music and prayer) to help convey God’s love


A Preschool Prayer

Bless us as we come to grow, and teach us things we need to know,

help us love one another as we love You and let us serve You each day in all that we do.