Oak Hill UMC Preschool provides a Christian environment of belonging, emphasizing self-worth. We provide opportunities for developing self-expression, communication, problem solving, and participation in group experiences.

All activities are designed to help your child develop self-confidence through creating, manipulating and exploring.

Oak Hill UMC Preschool is a program for the whole child. Our responsibility is to provide a well-organized program to meet the physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs of the children; a loving Christian atmosphere; loving encouragement and guidance of children toward independence, responsibility, and social consciousness; and a positive approach to learning.

  • Develop Gross Motor Skills—opportunities to develop their bodies and coordination
  • Develop Fine Motor Skills—small muscle, hand-eye coordination
  • Develop Language Arts—learn vocabulary and the rhythm of speech
  • Develop Social Concepts—learning to share and understanding rules and limits
  • Develop Creative Expression—discovery, experimentation, creating something unique
  • Develop Science and Nature—learning and understanding about their world
  • Develop Moral Growth—attending weekly chapel (bible stories, music and prayer) to help convey God’s love